Composite Product Development

Jules Dock Development is a proactive company with a strong focus on continuous innovation. Jules Dock has demonstrated a distinctive competence in finding creative solutions especially in the design, engineering and production of composite materials for novel applications. The material properties and freedom of geometry of composite materials an interesting material for various applications. The engineers of Jules Dock Development are willingly to help you for development and optimization of your composite product!

Conceptual Design

In the conceptual phase of a project, the possibilities in composite solutions are endless. Due to our broad view on different solutions using composite materials, the engineers of Jules Dock keep in mind all the different aspects of producability, repeatability and costs of your product.

Structural Engineering

The anisotropic properties of composiet materials result in a different structural approach compared to traditional materials. The engineers of Jules Dock will go through the structural requirements of your product, keeping manufacturability and cost efficiency in mind. We closely work together with external parties in case fininte element analyses will be needed. This way, we will reach an efficient, structural satisfying and manufacturable product.

Manufacturing Engineering

Different production techniques for composite materials (vacuum infusion, prepreg or handlay-up), will have an effect on your material properties and production costs. Therefore, it is essential to keep the manufacturing method in mind in an early stage of the project. Our close collaberation with our sister companies Jules Dock Shaping (mould manufacturing) and Jules Dock Composites (composite production) enables us to incorporate the effects of production on your product in an early stage.


Jules Dock Development has its own production facility, at which we make composite products using vacuum infusion, resin transfer moulding, prepreg or hand layup manufacturing processes. Do you have your own production facility? Our production engineers can provide on-site support as well, assisting your composite manufacturing process.