Jules Dock Development is a proactive company with a strong focus on continuous innovation. Jules Dock has demonstrated a distinctive competence in finding creative solutions especially in the design, engineering and production of composite materials for novel applications.


Benefits of composite materials

Composite materials have many benefits compared to traditional materials. Composites have a high strength and has a low weight. Next to that, composite materials are corrosion resistant and therefore require low maintenance. Next to that, the freedom of geometry makes it possible to produce double curved shaped products easily, like facade panels, bridge railings and rotor blades for wind turbines. The possiblities with composites are endless.


From development to production

Our team consists of people from multiple technical backgrounds; while using an integrated approach we develop technical solutions and provide support in each pahse of any innovativion project. Next to our development team, we possess a mould manufacturing facility and composite production facility, such that we can walk through all the steps, from conceptual idea to production of prototypes or serial production.

Our services:

Conceptual Design
Structural Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering